Who we are


www.aapkiawaaz.co.uk is a unique hyper-local radio station operating through the help of local community volunteers, with live weekday and weekend programmes in varied languages for a multicultural audience.    


Interfaith and social cohesion 


"Our ethos and commitment to equality and diversity that's integral 
alongside the need to deliver visible social justice, to prioritize

transparency and fairness, and build trust in the institutions
that arbitrates between different faith groups"

Run by volunteers from local community  

Digitial Quality Output


Our station broadcasts online in crystal clear digital 128kbs stereo stream, which can also be listened to via TuneIn and Radio Garden apps on Android and IOS mobile platforms.       

Professional work


www.aapkiawaaz.co.uk strives to deliver a unique professional

broadcast channel and adopts and adheres to strict broadcast

code of conduct which includes various industry governance


What our clients say about us

The response using the station has 

been amazing, as a local charity we

were keen to reach out to the local community. 

As a local beauty artist, I contacted the station to discuss my exclusive halal range of makeup - the response was fantastic and a real boost to my sales.   

aap-ki-awaaz is a brilliant platform for our community groups to talk about important events and health programs great to see such station diversity.