What we do?


www.aapkiawaaz.co.uk is an innovative radio platform that operates on a voluntarily basis serving the local community by providing the best experience for digital media, encouraging citizen journalists and storytellers to create and organize multimedia stories in one place through high-quality broadcast equipment; and partnering with some of the leading industry experts and suppliers

Our vision


A commitment to promote equality and diversity through broadcast radio, visible social justice, to prioritize transparency and
fairness, and build trust between different multicultural faith  groups

Our mission


“Empowering local community volunteers to become financially and socially strong by supporting and nurturing them to start sustainable businesses through the power of www.aapkiawaaz.co.uk radio."

Our philosophy


The core belief is that radio is a powerful medium that can be used for development and growth, and this approach affirms that interfaith and social cohesion is not a one-way street but, rather, a collaborative partnership. 

Our team

Ikram Mirza

Programme Manager- With over 25 years in the commercial radio broadcast industry Ikram brings a wealth of experience  

David Harris

Broadcast Technician- David is a specialist radio engineer and  has worked for BBC , ITV and SKY and mantains the station operations

Steve Hussain

Community Engagement- Steve has worked for the private and public sectors and is expereinced in social goverance policies